US Distribution


We are happy to announce we are now the US Distributor for Lineage Genetics.

Why choose Lineage?

Founded in Spain in 2012. The geniuses at the Lineage Genetics, specialize in selective breeding programs from the world’s most famous cannabis strains – focusing on preserving and improving genetics, to the best of their expert knowledge, using original and landrace strains, inputted by many renowned breeders.

Suitable for beginners and experts alike. Lineage Genetics cater to all levels of expertise, creating and breeding reliable, successful strains to achieve their maximum potential. All of their seeds are bred from the highest quality plants, using only natural organic products.

Lineage Genetic's collection of genetics goes as far back as three decades, which has been achieved by working closely with many of the world’s greatest breeders and means their selection includes some of the finest strains in the world.

Our belief, along with many other great seed bank companies, is that the road to legalization is paved by education and communication.

Buy your Lineage Genetics seeds from The Dope Bank, know that we only carry good genetics and source straight from breeders. Online purchasing available with credit card or in store pick up in Oklahoma